Sunday, August 10, 2014

Distinct and enjoyable personalities


The Cuneiform Caper

Guest article by Roselyn Jewell

The Cuneiform Caper is Roselyn Jewell’s debut novel. It was released via Amazon on July 1st, 2014. It’s a great combination of both mystery and romance. Many authors have trouble producing a book that is truly an equal mixture of two genres, but this one succeeds with flying colors!

The Cuneiform Caper features main characters Reese and Caleb, who both have distinct and enjoyable personalities. Reese discovers a rare, valuable artifact, only to have it promptly stolen out from under her. She enlists the help of Caleb, an old friend, and as they embark on the journey to solve the mystery of the theft, they get to learn things about themselves as well as each other, and end up with more than they bargained for, professionally and personally.

About the novel, one reviewer states, “While it had the traditional romance aspects, it also had a nice amount of suspense and intrigue mixed with adventure. The main characters were not one dimensional. I found Reese to be a great heroine and a great mix of the damsel in distress but also a woman who was tough. Caleb, the male counterpart, was easy to fall in love with.” ( Great Read! ~ L. Dutton)

Another reviewer compared the writing style to that of Dan Brown, a high complement indeed! She also had this to say: “I hope Miss Jewell writes a sequel to The Cuneiform Caper which tells us more about the tablet (maybe Reese and Caleb unlocking and revealing the secrets of the tablet together). If you love romance which is close to reality (not those romance stories that are so perfect they can never happen), The Cuneiform Caper has that for you. I think many people can relate to the romantic aspect of this story because of its beautiful simplicity, with a touch of mystery to spice it all up.”


Caper is available for download on Amazon!

It is 125 pages long and priced at just $2.99.

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