Thursday, August 28, 2014

Overcoming Grief



Overcoming Grief: And Other Essays On Discovering Joy is FREE on Amazon Kindle August 28th and 29th

Guest article by Eric Demaree


If you need answers about overcoming grief or if you know someone who needs answers, then this book is a must read. This book has given grieving parents and others the answers they needed in order to regain their joy.

The centerpiece essay, Overcoming Grief, is the first of many essays designed to help anyone who seeks God regain their childhood joy and keep that joy forever. First, these essays explain the path to the joy of salvation. They go on to introduce the "Theology of Extreme Joy." (Leaping for joy because someone lied about you? Now that is extreme! [Luke 6:23]) They conclude by revealing the obstacles set by "killjoy religionists."

It is my hope that we all learn to celebrate the Joy of the Lord at all times forevermore.


Losing someone we love is a traumatic experience, but it does not need to be tragic. When a loved one goes to the next world, he or she does not die; instead a part of us dies—our expectations. The something that died inside us is our expectations. We need to understand that we are not grieving the person who left this world and who is possibly experiencing uninterrupted, eternal joy. We are grieving our expectations. Our expectations determine how traumatic our loss will be. Parents, for example, are especially traumatized by the loss of a child because many of their expectations have been taken from them. On the other hand, when someone over the age of 100 leaves this world few are traumatized. Not many people expect a person of that age to remain in this world much longer.

It is not a horrible thing to leave this world and begin experiencing uninterrupted, perfect joy for the rest of eternity. When someone leaves this world, it is not the end. This life, no matter how long or how short it is, will always be less than one second compared to what comes after it! The Biblical God says everyone leaves this world exactly when He planned for them to leave. And He made His plans millions of years ago. Even Jesus needed to pray a long time to accept God’s plan about His crucifixion and death. Likewise, talking everything over with God will help us accept His plan.

And being in agony He prayed more earnestly; and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. –Luke 22: 44

Overcoming Grief: And Other Essays On Discovering Joy is FREE on Amazon Kindle August 28th and 29th

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