Friday, August 29, 2014

A Bouncer's Diary


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Book Description:

This is as close as the ordinary person will ever get or will ever want to get to the insular, dark and violent world of the nightclub bouncer. This is the real deal, a no holds barred account.

Bill is a good guy in tough world and you will see how the violence begins to alter his mind set.

A short conversation or argument is generally the precursor to a fight, although sometimes your adversary can just start swinging after very little or sometimes no verbal sparring. There are some real nutters out there.” Bill Carson.

So if you are ready grab your baseball bat, pull on your body armour, bite down on your gum shield and follow Bill on his journey and enter the shady, dangerous realm of nightclub bouncers. This book is preordained to be a cult classic, this is a must read, quite simply a bouncer’s bible.

Review about Author Bill Carson by M. L. Carter on Amazon:
I've found a number of good authors through twitter and Bill Carson is one of them. Carson teased us for weeks with lines from his book. These short, powerful descriptive phrases on Twitter made his book, Necessary Evils, a must add to my WTR (waiting to read) book list.
It was a good read. I think the well-written emotional reactions of the protagonist were quite realistic. There was enough action and thought-proving situations to keep me reading well into the night.

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