Friday, August 29, 2014

Unleash the African potential


Official Synopsis of “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World”

By: John I. Akhile, Sr.

Reviews of “Unleashed” have been outstanding. Dr. Ron Dart, of the University of Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada, had this to say: “John Akhile has written well and wisely about the need for responsible captains on the ship of state to sail across the political waters in a safe and just manner. Do read this challenging book and weigh, judiciously, Akhile’s cogent and poignant arguments – the future of Africa hinges on hearing the insights of Akhile.”

This is a truth-telling book on Africa that the world has been waiting for! A must read for all the stake holders in the African Experience. This ground-breaking literary work is a daring text that holds African leaders and Western actors responsible for the state of Africa. It deals with taboo subjects such as the need to ‘kill” corruption and the menace of NGOs.

The narrative is broken down into three sections. In the first section, the book looks at the main reason for the core challenges facing African countries. It reviews some historical context of Africa in global trade, including the dominance of western chartered companies in the medieval era. It examines the effect of the clash of cultures on Africa and how the technical superiority in weapons, transportation, navigation and a superior cultural order overwhelmed Africa.

In the second section, the book reviews the rise of Asian Tigers and analyzes the relevance and transferability of specific qualities in the rise of Tiger economies to African countries. Like the experience of the Asian Tigers, Unleashed propounds that African countries should vacate the status-quo of waiting to see what the world is willing to let them do, instead striving aggressively to deploy the sum total of every competitive advantage at their disposal.

In part three the book reviews a series of opportunities to transform the economies of African countries. It analyzes the institutions and policies necessary to create competitive societies. It challenges African leaders to address the fissures of service delivery and dependability as well as the legal framework necessary to assure safety of capital in their economies. Finally the section shares information about trade and financial engineering models that will increase the flow of industrial projects to every country.

The message of the narrative if properly disseminated will change how many African governments do business and unleash the potential of hundreds of millions of people in the countries of the continent. If the “genie of ideas” releases a formula that will begin transformational change in the economic prospects of the countries of Africa, it is safe to say that the accretive value will be felt not only by in Africa but will in fact reverberate throughout the world.

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