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Celibacy: What was I thinking?


Celibacy: What was I thinking?

From the Press Release ~

Meet new author Tranea Prosser (pronounced “Tre-Nae”). Tranea, who is known as stand-up comedian Miz. T and is an ardent worship leader, recently released her provocative inaugural project, entitled Celibacy: What was I thinking? As a new author with no background or experience, she declared “I’m going to write a book!” and did she ever hit the ground running!

This book leaves no stone unturned. Covering aspects like her married and unmarried sexual escapades to her decision to live a celibate life for more than a decade, Prosser unveils intimate details with her readers in plain English for all to see. The good, the bad and the ugly are all revealed in her first publication.

Using her comedic background, Prosser provides humor, encouragement, advice, lessons learned and tender experiences on the life of a celibate person. While her decision to live celibate was done primarily for religious purposes, her advice and writings apply to anyone living a celibate life.

Her candid approach to this delicate topic leaves the reader with real-life tips on avoiding relationship pitfalls and ways to survive until they find the life mate of their dreams!

Review by Ms. G - REAL!!! This is an amazing book, especially for Christian women, but not ONLY for Christians. Oftentimes in the church, we are made to feel like we are not supposed to have any sort of sex drive unless we are married. A woman who struggles in this area is a Jezebel.

This book highlights the very real struggles of a single woman who forgoes empty sex and dead end relationships for the love of God and her own self-respect. Relationships are tough, especially when you are not "putting out" and Ms. Prosser shows us how we can handle those sticky situations.



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