Sunday, September 14, 2014

Walk with Jesus



Thought Provoking and Worthwhile ~ Excerpt of review by nhgirl1970

I have to preface this review with the fact that although I do believe in God, I am not an overly religious person in general. I received this book as a gift and as with all books I read, did not make any judgments without reading it in its entirety. First, I am impressed with the author's ability to write intelligently and without error. This is important to me as a former English teacher (Unfortunately, many self-published books contain a distracting number of grammar errors).

This book is thought provoking. Religious or not, it has worthwhile information and would make a great book for discussion in a Bible group, although I can also see the value in its discussion in any book group. Reading it made me think about strengths and weaknesses in my own life.

Book Description:

The Fruits of the Spirit – Living a Life Connected!

What does it mean to actually walk with Jesus and experience His presence? His promise was that He would live in us -- we must live in the power of that reality.

How would you act and feel if he were with you now – at this very moment, at home, at work, in your world? What if that “nearness” is the true reality you & I were created for and what should be our normal daily experience? What does living an “authentic” Christian life mean to you? These are but some of the questions explored!

Living in the power of love, joy, peace and all the “Fruits of the Spirit”, is the birthright of every believer! This book is a refreshing look at the simplicity and beauty of the “Good News”, and outlines simple action-steps we can take that keep us centered in Him!


The Fruits of the Spirit – Living a Life Connected!

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