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Affairs & Atonement

Affairs Atonement


From the very on-set, Ashton isn't the perfect hero. He makes mistakes. He regrets them. He works on amending them. ~ Author Clarissa Cartharn (read more about this novel from Clarissa Cartharn on her blog
Before I share the enticing book description, I wish to say that I have noticed that people either love or hate this book and I think I know why. It seems to me that this novel evokes deep emotions in people. If someone had an experience that dug up old wounds then I can see why they may have an adverse reaction. It’s not about whether the book is good or not, they are taking what the characters have done – “personally”. This fact alone made me buy the book! I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Affairs & Atonement ~ Book Description:

The end of an affair, the beginning of atonement… why ever did love hurt like hell?

He married her at eighteen and then she disappeared hours into their marriage.
That was eleven years ago and Ashton Pryor was certain he was over Christy Huntley. He had moved on. He got engaged.

But old ties have to be severed first before new ones can be made. Now he needed to find Christy more than ever. He needed to divorce her to marry Naomi Landon.

But when you hunt someone for as long as he had done, can you really say you’re over her?


“It hurts, she put a palm over her heart. It hurts so much.”

You bet it did! I was in such an emotional point at this stage of the book, I was literally tearing up as I read on. As you might have guessed from that short quote, this book is one hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride.

First of all, the cover is absolutely beautiful. You can already see the angst on it. And once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I loved how the author could touch me so emotionally. I was angry, laughing, hurting at one time or the other.

We meet Christy and Ashton as teenagers and like most teens, they make mistakes which they regret later as adults. Ashton re-enters Christy’s life eleven years later so he can atone for the hurt he had caused her in their teen years. Of course, he still loves her. But he struggles internally to leave his high-flying life as an advertising executive to lead a more humble one with Christy. I love that he just didn’t give up his job because he’s oh-so love in Christy. I suppose I would have been annoyed if he had. I enjoyed the emotional struggles he went through to make his decision.

This is a very true to life romance. Ashton is a hero who can be all Alpha but at the same time he is flawed. He isn’t perfect. But you can see he tries and does his best for Christy and that is redeemable. I found myself all gooey over the banters he had with Christy as he works hard in trying to win her affection back. But he does more than that. He makes an effort to also charm the people in her life and he certainly charmed his way into my heart. When I was angry or frustrated with him, it was only because I cared. This is a real man.

As for Christy, you know she still loves him. But the woman does make him work damned hard for hurting her so much. She is a great character and very real. She doesn’t simply hop into bed with Ashton at very first sight. You can see she is struggling against her choice of falling in love with Ashton again.

The author has a great style of writing and it almost felt as if I was watching a movie. She certainly has a way with dialogues and descriptions that make you feel you are right there with the characters.
Overall, highly recommended. A great read.

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