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Efficient Time Management


18 Simple Steps for Efficient Time Management


I am someone who needs some help with time management. This book has wonderful steps to follow. I have managed to implement some of them and it definitely relieves my anxiety. Crossing off my tasks on my to-do list is such a great feeling! Take a look at the samples from the chapters below. Very helpful I must say Smile

Book Description:

This book gives 18 simple steps that will help the readers to implement them in their day to day life. With proper practice of these steps, they will be in a better position to achieve and accomplish many things both in their professional life as well as personal life. All these 18 simple steps are well within their reach to enhance the overall quality of their life.

Excerpt – Samples from these chapters:

Step 1- Write Down Specific Tasks for Each Day and Prioritize Them
  • Plan tomorrow’s tasks today. That means, at the end of each day, decide and write down actions that you plan to do the next day. This should be your comprehensive to-do list of specific tasks for the next day.
  • You’ll also want to gather any needed materials a day in advance, so that you can begin your work without any unnecessary delays.
  • Once you identify your daily tasks, prioritize them according to their importance. For this, divide your tasks into three categories: “Type A,” “Type B,” and “Type C.” You can categorize “Type A” as tasks that are important and urgent, “Type B” as tasks that are important or urgent, and “Task C” as tasks that are neither important nor urgent.
  • Start with “Type A” tasks first. Complete each task one by one according to priority. After completing “Type A,” start working on “Type B,” and after completing them, move on to “Type C” tasks. Cross out items as you complete each task. Crossing off items on your to-do list will be proof of all you’ve accomplished, and being able to cross off some major items will quickly become a reward in and of itself.
  • Allocate time slots for each task and aim for results within the allocated time. By allocating specific amount of time to each activity, you will be able to do more work done within the specified time. Timeslots help you stay focused on your task.
  • Concentrate completely on one task at a time before moving on to the next task.
Tip: Use colored markers to denote tasks of varying importance.

Step 5 - Create Chunks of Time
  • Make it a point to create blocks of time when you won’t be interrupted, so that you can collect your thoughts and focus on your work. In particular, these chunks of time are useful for concentrating on your high priority tasks.
  • Avoid all types of interruptions and disruptions during these blocks of time. Have any potential distractions such as the television or computer put away when focusing on your work.
  • You can create these chunks of time by going early to the office, leaving late, or by working from home.


18 Simple Steps for Efficient Time Management


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