Monday, October 13, 2014

Written in The Stars

Written in The Stars: The Art of Letting Go and Starting Over


10% of the profits from the sales will be donated to 
St. Jude Cancer Research Hospital for Children

This is a great read, whether you have suffered hardships or are blessed to be without. It's entertaining and funny, yet it pulls at the heart strings. It puts life into perspective and makes me appreciate everything I have. I love this book and couldn't put it down!
~ It's a must have! Review by Sarina Taylor

Book Description:

Life is definitely not for beginners or amateurs. This is what Written in The Stars, The Art of Letting Go and Starting Over shows us.

The book is an autobiographical novel, where the author tells us, with great sensitivity, about all of the obstacles she has had to face. And there were several.
  • When Milla was only ten years old her father disappeared in Africa.
  • For ten years she was overweight.
  • She had very a complicated relationship with her mother.
  • In 2012 she was diagnosed with cancer.
After being in the legal field for over ten years Milla also decided to change careers: she was a very successful lawyer with a Master’s degree from the best law school in Brazil. She went through a marriage and a divorce in the period of 13 months and had numerous heartbreaks.

Reading about it, you might think that it’s a very sad plot, but on the contrary, it’s a demonstration of faith, determination, resilience, love and victory.

Those who decide to read Milla’s book will know that she learned how to face the world and fight her demons.

You will be surprised with life and with the end.

Written in The Stars: The Art of Letting Go and Starting Over


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