Saturday, October 18, 2014

Keep Your Houseplants Alive



“I am learning to be a master gardener and my reference material does not include indoor plants. I shall be using your book as a reference material. I don't have any of the plants that you mention but I believe that your information is sound and will work with the ones I do have or might be asked about. Very good job. Your material is sound and well presented.” ~ Review by Lindah ~ Very good reference book

Book Description:

Even if you’re a serial plant killer, this book aims to turn your brown thumb green! The title says it all: Keep Your Houseplants Alive is based on Nell Foster’s years of experience in the interior plantscaping trade, both maintaining & designing with plants.

The indoor plants in this book are simple to maintain & look great. Some of the plants included in this book are: Pothos, Agalonema, Spider Plant, Kentia Palm, a variety of Dracaenas, some succulents & many more. They're sure to be a welcome addition to your home for years to come.

In some books, magazines or on the internet you're presented with an overwhelming number of plants that you either can't find, stay alive for only one to two months after buying them or you need to convert your home into the conservatory at Kew Gardens to keep them growing. Sometimes we're faced with too many choices so I'm narrowing down the field to ones you'll be able to keep alive if you follow this manual.

This plant care guide is written as though it’s your first day as a plant maintenance technician & you’re being handed a manual. The chapter on the houseplants themselves is set up in outline form & presented in plain, simple terms which you can easily digest. And, you’ll see plenty of photos for identification making it easy to pick out your favorite new plant.

Simply put, the plants in this book are the ones that had the best survival rates in commercial and residential spaces. You'll learn about choosing plants as well as what they like & what they don't like.

Don't be afraid to bring the outdoors in. Plants soften our homes, clean the air around us & bring a smile to our faces. Think of them as living, breathing accessories. This book aims to ease your horticultural frustrations & keeping your houseplants thriving.


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