Monday, October 20, 2014

Monkey Brain on Cocaine
Unleash and Control the Powers of Your Mind. How to Unlock Your Intuition, Creativity and True Intelligence – by Killing the Monkey inside your head

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Book Description:

This book is your life instruction manual for becoming a calmer, a more in control and much sharper individual. Turn your life into an exciting adventure – unlock your infinite intelligence and discover your true potential in this entertaining, instructional and insightful book. Find out how to direct your life energies, your Life Force – instead of wasting that precious energy by spreading it in all directions. Learn how to focus 100% - on everything in your life. Don’t cruise through life like a Zombie – find your true calling, and learn how to take action. Leave anger, stress, anxieties and relationship problems behind you – take charge of your life, and do it now.

We need to take back control of our minds, of our lives and of our destinies. “Monkey Brain on Cocaine”, a mind that seems to have a life of its own, is the barrier - and needs to be removed. We need a mind that’s under our control, not a mind that’s out of control. The only person in the world who can help you – is YOU. The recipe is simple, yet you will need to find the ingredients for living your life to the max. The good news is, you are carrying those ingredients in a safe within you – you just have to find the key to that safe. Become your own mind coach. You are the only person who can unlock the safe inside you that contains your true intelligence, life force, confidence and potential. No therapist in the world holds that key, you do.

Take it from someone who’s “been there and done that”. The author CJ Rosvall was born in Sweden and he’s lived, studied and worked on 5 different continents, in 10 different countries and in 14 different cities. He went to High School in Lesotho, Africa, and attended University in Australia and USA where he studied Business. He has been running small businesses most of his working life, in diverse fields and industries such as manufacturing, cellular service provider, health and fitness, personal finance, venture capital, translation services, travel services, advertising, web development and online marketing.

If you’re looking for guidance and advise from someone with a degree in psychology - you’ve come to the wrong place. There are plenty of those out there. If you’re looking for solid advise from someone who has been through countless battles in controlling and directing the mind, is still standing up in the middle of the battlefield, and who is in the middle of life and knows what the struggle feels like - then you’ve come to the right place. The author can tell you what combat strategies work, and which ones do not work.

To find the key that unlocks your intelligence, intuitive abilities and skills in directing your life energies you need to listen to someone who has made progress in killing his own “Monkey Brain on Cocaine.” The author will give you the necessary weapons and tools required to kill your own Monkey and control your body and mind in order to bring concentrated focus and attention to everything you do in your life. Take control of your own destiny - don’t let a Monkey inside your head tell you what to do.

Available on Amazon!

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