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Unbreakable…a family’s vicious cycle



Unbreakable is an adult book for a mature audience!

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Gut-wrenching, awe-inspiring, a true survivor's tale of triumph ~ By Cat Jones TOP 500 REVIEWER

Understanding the pain and heartache she endured only makes her journey to become the strong, powerful woman she is now that much more amazing. Throughout it all she managed to cling to hope, to dreams of a better, happier future, and eventually break the vicious cycle that her family had been stuck in for nearly a century. She is a far stronger person than I could ever hope to be, and her story inspires me.

Book Description:

Unbreakable: The Unrelenting Spirit of Katherine Svoi Symthe is a terrifying, enthralling and soul-shaking read that just might change you for life. Katherine Symthe grew up in horror that most of us could not comprehend even a fragment of: sold for sex as a child, abused in every way imaginable by her family, and living in squalor and adjacent to animal abuse from birth.

Now, as an adult, she recounts the process of dealing with those memories and how that childhood trauma continues to affect her relationships later in life.

Any survivor of abuse will be able to relate to Katherine's experiences: your life and attempts at romance will forever be impacted by sexual abuse, because it changes the connotations of sex in one's mind.

It's brave of Symthe to relay the parts of her relationship that, once it's over, even those of us who aren't so damaged like to "edit" out. Have you ever noticed in movies how no one's family supports the "wrong" relationship, how you never embarrass yourself for the one who doesn't end up being "the one"?

Those things - the things we all leave out when we tell the stories of past loves that didn't work out - Katherine leaves in. With this, she adds depth to our empathy for her and the ultimate pain and betrayal she experiences at the hands of others. Unbreakable is 49 shades of Red in Katherine Symthe, a victim now survivor, a veteran, now a thriver.

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