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Holy numbers and Sacred Geometry come from…

The Culture of Astronomy

The Culture of Astronomy- Origin of Number, Geometry, Science, Law, and Religion

Astronomy is the mother of all the sciences. Holy numbers and sacred geometry have come from astronomy which is the key to all Biblical, Maya and other "end date" cycles and numbers. Everyone should know where the numbers 666 and 144 and 13 come from. ~ from the back cover

(Video excerpt 10:55 to 12:05) “…and it’s a wonderful tool for Government too because they can access property taxes on what you own, and its probably one of the few just taxes in the world. Because the State is maintaining the rights of your property…(skipping to)-…the churches as well, and the Synagogue. They get money for that too because they assess you, they say, ‘Hey! Here’s our tithe. You live there, give us some money and it will keep our religion going.’ [Laughter in audience]

Well you laugh at it but that is actually what happened. That is the glue that made our civilization work and what makes this new civilization work. So what has Astronomy done? It has defined time and now its defined space…It in a way has given you an approximation of God because you have a place now where you can worship the Deity.

From the AuthorThomas Karl Dietrich

The Culture of Astronomy begins with the destruction and degeneration of astronomical knowledge through kings, invaders, and natural disasters. Yet, there exist ample resources to fully reconstruct this ancient science.

The cosmic worldview of "thinking in cycles" is a powerful philosophy which humankind will never abandon. In cultures throughout the world there are snakes, dragons, turtles, and goddesses of the Milky Way as common symbols of the sky culture.

Sacred places begin as calendar sites created through geometry and observation of numbers generated by cycles in the heavens. Humans recognize their place within the cosmic realm of physics and laws which become the logical substructure of our morals and religion.

Though "man is the measure of all things" we are also subject to the natural laws that govern creation, society, and government.~

Driven by fact and fueled by mere fascination, THE CULTURE OF ASTRONOMY shares the links between heaven and earth like nothing I have ever read before. ~ Review by Cyrus Webb TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

The Culture of Astronomy- Origin of Number, Geometry, Science, Law, and Religion ~ Available in Paperback on Amazon!

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