Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Irin: A Last Scribe Novella



There are so many things to love about R. Lee Walsh's Irin, the first installment of The Last Scribe series. Firstly, it's one of the most original and inventive ideas I've come across in many years, not just in young adult/new adult fiction, but any genre. The fact that it is built around an actual prophecy is really cool and adds to the believability of the concept (if you go to Walsh's website you can learn more about this). ~ Excerpt of review by K. O'connor

Book Blurb:

According to actual documents hidden in the Apocrypha, an ancient race of supernatural beings known as Irin roam the Earth. Impervious to aging, illness or mortal injury, they wage a continuous war against those who once threatened the survival of mankind by corrupting the natural order. While ever present, they prefer to remain unseen in order to freely move among us. Those who are seen are easily overlooked and immediately forgotten. Walk down any street in the world and you will pass at least one Irin. Depending on the threat or situation, sometimes many.

When his flame-haired partner disappears after a brutal beating, the legendary Irin enforcer known as Riley Storm sets out to bring her back. Ending his search in Los Angeles, territory he once ruled over, he discovers an alarming secret behind the city's most violent criminals and decides to reclaim not only his fiery companion and fiercest ally but the land he once called home.

Author – R. Lee Walsh

R. Lee Walsh

Excerpt from R. Lee Walsh’s Author Page ~

The Last Scribe Series started with an idea that blossomed into an outline that expanded into a seven year journey through countless drafts, edits, and the invaluable coaching of some of the most talented agents and writers on the planet.

What started as a novel idea is now a multi-part series that includes:
The Last Scribe Prequel Novellas: Irin, Scepter,Son of Sam & Sheva

Irin: A Last Scribe Novella


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