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Little Shytes…Confessions of a Toddler

Little Shytes

Little Shytes…Confessions of a Toddler

is available on the littleshytes website.

Little Shytes - Confessions of a toddler, is the first book in series of five books depicting the life and experiences of Benjamin and Abiagael. This is a true story about these toddlers and the trouble that get into. It also has their mum's version of events as well. Very entertaining. – Anonymous

Note: Little Shytes will be donating 10% of every sale of the Ebook to the charity The Kids Cancer Project.

Guest article by Lisa Morfitt

This book is about my gorgeous almost-three-year-old son, Benjamin. When I first met Matt, Benjamin’s dad, we knew immediately we wanted children. We would often talk about what our children would be like and what they would say and do. We spent hours imagining funny scenarios and laughing about them. We were also sure of the kind of parents we would be and confident our children would fit in with us—not us with them.

This book is my way of sharing some of the funny sides of a phase most parents have to endure, often with gritted teeth, sometimes by taking deep breaths or having a ten-second time-out in the privacy of their bedroom. For those parents who pray for the end of the day and for the night to fall so they can complete some chores uninterrupted or have a little peace and quiet, I am here to tell you this is just a phase, a fascinating phase when our baby is growing up and sending us insane along the way!

If I viewed the world through the eyes of my son’s – Parenting would have been a whole lot easier” good read ~Judy Giacci – Director MGM GIACCI PTY LTD

Everyone has advice to share, and everyone is an “expert”, but all parents face their own unique parenting challenges. I received advice about every parenting book on the market, and, yes, they gave some helpful suggestions and tips on how to tackle various issues. Some of the advice I put to use with Benjamin. Some worked, but most didn’t. At times, I wondered whether the problem was with my son or with the advice. I became even more frustrated because all I wanted was a solution. But a solution to what?

Surely, my son wasn’t a problem that needed to be solved. Sometimes, when the days seemed long and difficult because of Benjamin’s tantrums, his refusal to eat or his insistence on running away or making a mess, I would think to myself that if this were an adult behaving in this way, I would not tolerate it, but this is my son and I must, and so I do.

Sometimes, I felt frustrated with myself, thinking that parenting should come easy, so why didn’t it? I compared my parenting skills with those of other parents. I began to have doubts about myself as a good mother; I believed I couldn’t communicate with my son as effectively as other parents did with their children. I began to lose sight of what mattered most—my son growing up right before me.

Eventually, I realised I didn’t need to understand other parents’ ways of doing things. The problem was I didn’t understand Benjamin, and he sensed this and became frustrated. I realised I had to get to know Benjamin as an individual. I decided the best way to achieve this was to put myself in his shoes—to see things from his point of view—and put it down on paper.

WOW! WOW! WOW! I've just finished it.. I knew it would be SO GOOD after reading the foreword... It's funny, witty, honest and very clever. It makes you think more about what your child is thinking!! Benjamin you little minx, you are funny, cheeky but oh so loveable. Well done Lisa... Extremely proud xxx ~ Sandra Bennett Managing Director "BOOGIE ROOS"

Little Shytes…Confessions of a Toddler

is available on the littleshytes website.

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