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Madagascar Travel Pack

Globetrotter_Travel_Pack_to_Madagascar_4th_edition_coverAmazon USA - Madagascar Travel Pack (Globetrotter Travel Packs) - 4th edition.

Guest article by: Authors ~ Derek Schuurman and Nivo Ravelojaona

Now in its 4th edition, the Globetrotter Travel Pack to Madagascar is the sole guidebook to this beguiling Indian Ocean island off the eastern coast of Africa to have been co-authored by European and Malagasy authors. It is also the only Madagascar guidebook to include a large and detailed fold-out map tucked into the back sleeve.

The 4th largest island in the world, Madagascar is above all known for being one of the world’s ‘Megadiversity hotspots’ as defined by Conservation International. Due to its geographical isolation of some 165 million years from Africa and then later from India, this island continent is a veritable treasure trove for naturalists and in excess of 80% of the life forms found there, exist nowhere else. However centuries of habitat destruction and more recently, mining and illegal timber extraction, as well as conversion of wetlands for riziculture, have led to many of its compellingly unique plants and animals being classified as endangered.

For tourists, Madagascar offers not just the opportunity to get to know sometimes critically endangered wildlife up close – and as is outlined in the book, often with relative ease - but also the chance to enjoy extraordinarily varied and photogenic landscapes, and to become acquainted with the multilayered and complex culture of the world’s only Afro-Asian nation.

The book has a detailed section with vital travel tips for visitors, as travel to the country should be planned carefully given its difficult geography and limited infrastructure. The book also reviews many of the best places to stay at all the sites of biological interest, as well as at some of its choice beach locations. The authors, London-based Derek Schuurman and Antananarivo-based Nivo Ravelojaona, have worked together in responsible tourism to Madagascar for 22 years and as such, have extensive experience to fall back on and substantial information which was utilised in the compilation of this book.

The book is divided into its highly contrasting regions, each of which is like a different country with its own climate, and often locally endemic assemblages of plants and animals, as well as different tribes of people resident there. In each of the regions, the most prominent highlights are featured and the book contains numerous photographs, mostly by renowned photographer Gerald Cubitt, affectionately regarded as ‘the Godfather of Wildlife Photography’. With responsible tourism in mind, special attention has been allocated to promoting public awareness of initiatives aimed at conservation, particularly where these benefit and are managed by local communities.

In summary the book showcases the best of what Madagascar has to offer potential visitors, with expert guidance as to where to go at different times of the year and how to make the most of any trip to the country.

Publisher: New Holland/Struik

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