Saturday, December 13, 2014

Survival Medicine



Realistic, practical, and easy to read. Chamberlin approaches a difficult subject with solid advice and a subtle sense of humor. Born of his experiences following Hurricane Katrina, the book trains you what to look for and what to do when medical help is not available and not likely to be available anytime soon, if ever. Scavenging tools and supplies beyond the obvious can help you and your loved ones survive. He includes what to put in your medical bag, but addresses your options when you are in a bad situation and your bug-out bag is not available. Detailed and illustrated medical. ~ Review by rgon

Book Description:

In the two hours it takes to read our book, you’ll learn more about survival medicine, and feel more comfortable handling emergencies, than ever before. Our guide is not about stabilizing injuries until help arrives. It's about learning to treat injuries and illnesses definitively. It's a confidence builder, and we guarantee it to be one of the most valuable resources in your prepper bookshelf!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of The Prepper Pages! In this edition we've added image and video links for quick and easy reference.

Written by a Trauma Surgeon and contributing physicians, doctors of are obsessed with teaching you easy, effective treatments for medical conditions preppers most worry about. Conditions we’re all likely to face when the world and everything in it goes sideways. Our guide is not about stabilizing injuries until help arrives. Our guide is about treating injuries and illnesses definitively - knowing help will never arrive!


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A Must Read ~ Review by Diana Taylor

My husband and I, after many years of working on the dream, are finally at a point where we are going to move to acreage and live a more self-sustaining lifestyle that we have dreamt about ever since we were first married — years pass as do the bumps within life and health issues. My husband went through a cancer crisis along with a stem cell transplant and now secondary health issues — living 30 minutes from the nearest health facility is a general concern. This book is a great resource for not only living on acreage and away from nearby medical help, but general good ideas despite living just 10 minutes from the nearest hospital. Dr. Chamberlin offers sound solid advice while providing a touch of humor — clear and concise are my first two requirements within a book and this book delivers along with knowledgeable advice. It is a must read for anyone really — being prepared for the unexpected can mean the difference between panic and calm — life and death.

The Prepper Pages: A Surgeon's Guide to Scavenging Items for a Medical Kit, and Putting Them to Use While Bugging Out


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