Monday, December 22, 2014

What Kind of Dog Am I?


What Kind of Dog Am I?

This is a very sweet book, beautifully and adorably illustrated, with a very positive and loving message!! It's a joy to read! ~ Review by Arlene Rae

Guest article by Kathy DiMario

The book is about Posha The Rescued Dog. Posha knows she is a rescued dog. She knows she is very happy, loves her dog-mommy, and has funny paws that turn out like a ballet dancer's feet.

But everyone she meets still wants to know what kind of dog she is.

By following Posha's journey of self-discovery, children will learn the valuable life lessons of how they can find their own true identity and build self-esteem.

A beautifully written and illustrated book that has a message of acceptance for everyone. I am giving a copy to every child on my gift list this Christmas. ` Review by Kate Pandolpho

What Kind of Dog Am I?

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