Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Raising Quail for Fun or Profit

Quail Notes


Informative and Yet Delightfully Charming ~ Review by L. Collins TOP 1000 REVIEWER

I found myself intrigued when I ran across "Quail Notes" while browsing the site and I have to say it turned out to be a quite enlightening read. Garry Higgins offers a charming and yet informative look at raising quails, from the financial benefits to the everyday care and everything in between. It's a fast-paced read that manages to be entertaining and full of resourceful tidbits of information that can allow readers to truly understand and contemplate the possibility of raising quails themselves. The author has a talent for writing that is down-to-earth and practical at the same time, imparting wisdom and amusing details about the life that just make "Quail Notes" a very delightful illuminating and instructive read.

A Peek inside the book…


Book Description:

Sharing my story of raising Quail on the Back Porch or on the Farm. I have gathered my notes and took some photos, so that I can share with you the wonders I have had in raising Coturnix Quail. The tiny bird that can feed your family and or make you a profit. I will share with you, how buying, growing, butchering and marketing your birds, can be done while reading about it, in a short story format. Written in Waimea Hawaii, Island of Kauai. ~ Garry Higgins

Quail Notes: Raising Quail for Fun or Profit on the Back Porch or on the Farm


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