Saturday, February 21, 2015

Clash of Cultures



This is a humorous and educational book about Russia, its people and culture. What makes a Russian a Russian? What do they like to do or to eat or what makes them smile? If you are looking to learn more about this country, this book is for you! There are plenty of photos and illustrations to visualize the realities of life in this country. ~ Oleg Malikov

Book Description:

Why are nations at odds with each other? Is it religion or culture or something else that sets us apart? We all believe that we are so different that the common ground becomes an elusive concept. But are we really that different? In some cultural ways, yes, we are, but as human beings, we are most definitely not.

In this book I focus on the life of Russian people and try to explain in a humorous and educational way why Russians are different from Americans and the rest of the world. I touch on geography, history, language, social behavior and other factors that play an important role in shaping a society.

We are all a product of a millions of experiences, which mold us into what we are. If we could understand and acknowledge the components of this mold, maybe the world will finally start understanding each other and accept the fact that people are different.

To help you visualize the book I added a variety of illustrations and photos, which will put you in the middle of the action. You will see first-hand what is important to a Russian and why.

Now, sit back, relax and start your journey through one of the greatest countries in the world…

Clash of Cultures: Russia vs. USA or Understanding Russians Inside Out


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