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Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries


FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD until February 3rd, 2015
Excerpt of review by Sophia H. Stitch ~ I'm pleased to know this book documents the things no longer taught to the current caretakers of death.Their teachings are limited to only the care of the body ignoring the rich wealth once known about the cemetery and the interrelationship of the living and the dead.
Guest article by Jane Christmas

Woooooot! The long-awaited 2015 edition of “Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries” is now in Kindle, and it's a much bigger, more powerful book than ever before.

Sure, since the first edition came out in 2009, this has been the go-to book for anyone interested in haunted cemeteries. Ghost hunter Fiona Broome has been investigating haunted places for more than 20 years. She knows what she's talking about.

However, most ghost hunters only talk about haunted houses, eerie, too-quiet battlefields, and creepy, abandoned facilities like asylums and jails. They're overlooking important haunted sites in most communities: haunted cemeteries.

Fiona's book is vital reading, whether you're interested in a ghostly encounter for a “good scare,” for paranormal research, or -- perhaps most importantly -- as a spiritual calling to help trapped souls “cross over.”

“Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries” is a how-to guide. First, you'll learn about the different kinds of cemeteries, and which are most popular among ghost hunters and psychics with spiritual callings.

Did you know that, traditionally, a “graveyard” was connected with a church, but a “cemetery” has always been a public place of burial? In this book, you'll discover lots of facts, but also some fascinating trivia.

After learning how to find local haunted cemeteries, you'll learn what to look for when you visit them. Fiona explains how to identify haunted graves, and other areas in and near the cemetery where ghosts may linger.

Yes, the most haunted area at a cemetery might not be inside the cemetery at all. Learn where else to look -- and what to look out for -- if you want a memorable ghostly encounter. In photos, you'll see what may be lurking, just outside the cemetery walls. (Those can be the most tragic tales.)

Of course, not all ghost investigations are planned. Have you ever stumbled onto an unexpected cemetery and your “gut feeling” told you it was haunted? This book tells you what to do if you only have time for a brief visit, but you want to find the most anguished spirits and eeriest graves. (Here's one tip: Start at the most-used entrance to the cemetery. Then, start walking towards the back left corner of the cemetery. Along that route, you'll usually find at least one unsettling location where spirits may linger.)

Remember, not all graves are marked. Fiona describes what to look for to find “forgotten” graves and their displaced headstones.

Throughout this book, Fiona explains the ingredients that make many cemeteries haunted, and the power conflicts that trap some spirits due to their own misunderstandings... and sometimes their very real fears.

You'll discover the best steps to take -- in daylight and after dark -- to get the most from your ghost investigations. Fiona Broome shares her best tips from cemetery safety to research techniques, and from quick-start research to spiritual protection.
This is a really well-written book that gives lots of tips and information on the subject in question. If you plan to do this type of ghost-hunting, it's invaluable. ~ Review by S. Pearson

Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries


FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD until February 3rd, 2015

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