Saturday, February 14, 2015

Volume increase is abusive


Hot Topic Post about video and the Entertainment Industry!

Volume increase in commercials is detrimental to your hearing and overall feeling in your body. I feel like I am in the middle of a crisis when the volume jumps up on any device. If it is the TV I am watching, you will normally see me ready to quickly press mute.

This post is prompted by an unpleasant experience this morning. I contacted the website (which I choose not to name) with the following complaints:

  • I came to this site today to watch a video segment. Imagine my surprise when the sponsor video was ten times the volume as the show video.
  • It also is disturbing to see that there is 2 minutes of video and then a sponsorship blast. This is frankly a waste of my time and I am terribly disappointed and do not appreciate the onslaught of noise in my ears.
  • I set the volume on my computer at what I want it to be and that is the volume it should be at.


When is this world going to catch on that it is abusive to increase the volume for commercials?

And while I am on the topic there is another related issue that needs to be addressed as well. Ever notice that the background music in shows overshadows the characters speaking?

For a hearing impaired person, such as myself, this is really annoying. I cannot hear what the characters are saying. If the camera is on their face then I can read their lips most of the time. If not, then it is game over for me. I ask my husband what is being said which interrupts the show. This causes me to feel anxiety and often times I refuse to watch shows that operate that way because I cannot handle the stress it creates.

Yes, this posting is a bit of a rant, however it is important to note that I am taking my power back. I will no longer be watching videos on the website that is not mentioned. (Silly sentence)

I am hoping anyone who comes across this post and agrees with me will also take their power back. If we let our complaints be known and stop engaging with these websites and shows, then perhaps things will change.

At the very least, when you see something or experience something you do not like, when you flip it around it shows you what you do like and wish to experience.

~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson

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