Monday, March 2, 2015

So You Think You Know Me



It's written in such a way that I could relax into the story and get clear mental images as she relayed stories of confusion and injustice as someone needing what all children need - love, acceptance, and nurture. An honest, at times angry autobiographical account. ~ Excerpt of review by Rebecca White

Book Description:

'So You Think You Know Me' is about the life of Siobhán Foster and the choices she made growing up in Ireland. It is her perspective on her life and is told with honesty and humour. Instead of letting her situation corrupt her, she set out to find a different path to break the behavioural loop of her ancestors.

We cannot change others, only ourselves, so Siobhán took a magnifying glass and turned it on herself to see the changes she needed to make. Throughout her story you can see how she made hard choices that forced her to change and see herself and the world through different eyes.

She changed her best friends of despair, anger and resentment, into tenacity, courage and hope. This is a story about 'not giving up' despite the odds being stacked against you. In her creative way, Siobhán takes you on an emotional journey where you will laugh with her, cry with her and get sucked in and absorbed into her world, as she searches for peace, joy and freedom.

Let this book inspire you to change. As each person chooses to change, the world becomes a better place.

So You Think You Know Me


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