Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cozy Ghost Story

The Blue Cottage
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I like short stories, can be read while waiting or when you have little time and I liked this one. The mystery was obvious but well told. I liked Miranda and want to see how she develops in the next story so will read the next book coming out at the end of July. Also Raz the cat shows a lot of promise. I always try to give a new series a couple of chances. ~ Review by DLZW

Book Description:

Introducing Miranda Moore, a divorced woman, who moves to a seaside town called Delphin Beach, starts up a mystical store, and buys the blue cottage next door to her friend.

Something strange is happening though in the blue cottage. Is it something paranormal or just plain wicked? Can the ghost of her mother help her to get to the bottom of this mystery?

Miranda must conquer doubts in herself and trust her abilities to discover the answers before anyone else gets hurt.

  The Blue Cottage  
The Blue Cottage - Available on Amazon 
  US   UK    CDN

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