Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Cold Goodbye...justice kicks in!

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A mystery and thriller short read new release.

Book Description:

Ned Fain is a damaged man. Crippled in a bomb blast in Afghanistan the ex-army JAG officer has lost his wife, lost his career and may be losing his mind. People cringe at the sight of his burned face; added to that he’s flat broke.

But when Ned witnesses a bizarre murder in the polar bear pit at the zoo, his basic instinct for justice kicks in. It’s added incentive that a pretty woman needs his help, and he sets out to expose the killer and conquer his own demons.

Excerpt: The Cold Goodbye by Sam Abbott

I wandered around for a few minutes, and then saw a bunch of kids over by the polar bear habitat, oohing and aahing at the big white monsters as a zoo worker tossed fish over the fence to them. Kids are another bunch that tend to act real, so I stood a short distance away to watch with them.

The bears were doing their thing, going after the fish and even fighting a bit over some of the bigger ones, and the kids were getting a kick out of it. The big glass wall between us and them was crystal clear, so we could see everything, and the water line for the bears was about half way up the glass. The underwater part of the show was probably the best part, in my opinion, because those big, clumsy creatures were as graceful as birds, in the water.

I noticed the teachers there with the kids. One was a short, pretty little thing, the kind I always liked, and the other was an older lady, probably getting close to retirement age. The cute one whispered something to her buddy, and when the old gal nodded the cutie wandered off. I went back to watching the polar bears.

Ten minutes later the cutie hadn't come back. The kids were still engrossed in what the bears were doing and I was just about to go on my way, maybe go check out the elephants, when there was a big splash in the water behind the glass. I stared at what had caused it, trying to convince myself that I was seeing things, but I wasn't. It was a man, and he hit the water like a ton of bricks and just lay there, kind of half-floating.

I could tell from past experience that the guy was dead. No one alive would have just laid there in the water, not with four tons of meat eaters staring at him. And if he'd been unconscious, the shock of hitting that icy water would have been enough to at least make him stir, trying to wake up and figure out where he was.

Not this guy, though; he didn't even react when one of the bears chomped down on his arm and tore off a chunk. Dead, just like I'd said to myself.

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