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Corridor One

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Brilliant!  Such a good story! Vivid scenery, well written! I tried to look for other books by the author but couldn't find any? ~ Review by AdamF

Here is where I add in my two cents… Absolutely check out Rafael H. Derchansky’s website. Looks like this is the debut novel by this artist. I say “artist” because of his beautiful paintings. Mind you, writing is an art form too. Answer to AdamF - Follow this author on Amazon to be notified of their next release. Click the follow button below his photo on Rafael H. Derchansky’s page OR follow on Goodreads


Derchansky’s biography is fascinating. An excerpt from “…born in a small village in Siberia in 1954, 14 years after Stalin forcefully deported his parents from Lithuania. In 1960, he and his family moved to the city Tomsk, one of the oldest towns in Siberia. In 1970, he finished high school and enrolled in Tomsk Polytechnic University. In 1973, the USSR temporarily lifted the Iron Curtain to allow some of its citizens to leave the country. Rafael and his family used this opportunity to immigrate to Israel.”

From Author’s Interview from

What inspired you to write a story about an art forgery expert who must confront the ghosts of her family’s past? For many years I was brooding with the idea of writing a book about a family that was torn apart. I imagined a scenario where a sister and brother would pass each other on the street and not recognize each other while at the same time actually searching for each other. The idea came from some personal experience in my early life in Siberia.

Rafael’s personal background described above in his brief biography most assuredly informs this radiant novel. The story is complex but never confusing, involving mysteries that do not go unresolved, feelings that find their goal. ~ Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

Excerpt from Book Description:

Dina, a tenacious art forgery expert, is suddenly dragged back into her past life when an extraordinary package is left at her apartment by a mysterious man who seems to know the most personal and intimate details about her past. Why now? Can he be trusted?

With new revelations, her life quickly spirals into a maelstrom of confusion and Dina is torn between her innocent desire to believe the stranger and her professional instincts telling her that everything is not as it seems. As she struggles to understand what is happening, an unsolved, decades-old crime linked to a missing treasure becomes the center of her life.

Embarking on an unexpected and mystifying adventure that interrupts her busy life, Dina must confront the shadows of her past and face the truth about her family. What happened more than twenty years ago when her father and brother were torn away from her?

Regarding an old long-forgotten Siberian mental art…...

Except of review by Jordan: The best way that I can attempt to describe Kerzhak Navigation is as a mental art that trains both the mind and body to focus on details, and it is through this exercise that one is able to train their minds to recognize and memorize maps and locations. This exercise eventually becomes an extremely useful and critical part of the story. I feel it is also important to add the organization of Corridor One creates an entirely new air of mystery and intrigue; who doesn't love reading about rather secret, unknown organizations? I'll leave it at that, as I don't want to give away too much.
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Corridor OneDiscounted price for a limited time!

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