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How to Live in the Present Moment

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Live in the NOW! Excerpt of Review by Symbol L.

I have been following Matt for a while now and I had been really looking forward to this particular book and I can honestly say that I am BLOWN AWAY! This book was so relevant for me in my life right now and I really gained some great perspective and clarity on my life after reading it.

I loved all the great examples and ideas that were delivered. Just about all the advice and guidance was practical for me. I am even considering adding meditation to my morning routine because of the ideas Matt gave to me from reading the book.

For far to long I was afraid to let go of the past and after reading this I am committed to letting go and start living in the NOW. Matt has inspired me to appreciate the little things in my day to day life and stop worrying about things that you can't control.

Excerpt: A person’s identity is created by past moments, present experiences, as well as dreams for the future. The past plays a significant role in how a person chooses to live life because it has contributed to the formation of who a person has become. It is the catalyst to which beliefs are formed to design your future.

More often than not, it’s difficult to let go of a traumatic past and it is a constant challenge to stop feeling anxious about the future. Perpetual happiness in life is closely tied to your ability to let go of your past and understand that those past events are over. Therefore, if traumatic past experiences are dwelled on for too long it can lead to depressing thoughts, including what you could have or should have done to the point where you feel stuck. The reality is that those are things you cannot change because that time has passed.

People have a very hard time releasing things because they think they’ll crumble once these things are gone. This is why it’s important to know that how you see yourself affects your decision on what to let go of. The thoughts you choose to keep in the cloud of thoughts bouncing in your mind will either negatively or positively influence your current state.

Past, Present or Future - which one is important for you? Review by Lexi Dreu This book contains tips on how to wash away all the bad memories in our past and how to transform our fears for the future into feelings of gratitude and excitement. ~ Lexi Dreu
Matt Morris

Matt Morris is a life coach and an author. He is passionate about using events that have happened in his life to inspire and make a positive impact in the lives of others. Topics in his books include: Positivity, Living In the Present Moment, and SMART goal setting - all of which he has used to completely transform his life.

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