Thursday, August 27, 2015

The 'N' Word

WARNING: This book is adult in nature. It is for mature audiences only.

Excerpt of Review by Cozimfree

In a very real moment in your mind, there should be little to no eye rolls or teeth gnashing from the cover of this book. You’ve seen it and in some instances lived it up close and personal. In an unrealistic world, you are offended, taken aback. The cover is far harsher than this beautiful story. But you should be curious. The words are abrasive and insensitive at times, but if you just hold on, stay the course. Open your mind and heart to “yeah I guess it’s possible.”

This book is timely. It is a work of fiction with well researched non-fiction facts and issues. Oh yes, before you think it, it is a Tiana Laveen book so she is going to “talk at length” about it. Some have other words for her technique. I call it getting it right. Making sure there are no questions. How you work out your life in the now. It’s not quick. That mess stays with you. You toss it about. It tosses you about. You talk then talk again. Then ruminate. If you don’t, guess what? It’s coming back like metastasized cancer. What you are seeing almost daily now on your social media timelines, news casts, blog posts, maybe even your own personal world has been brought forth for you to take a look at from the other side.

Book Blurb: They say there are two sides to a story. And two sides to every man… Aaron Pike is one of those men. Aaron is a white nationalist, a Commander in the organization and Nazi who grew up in Frisco City Alabama. He ends up in the prison system, serving a stint for beating a man nearly to death in what is perceived as a racially driven assault.

While serving his term, the recidivist Aaron believes as he's always done that he will serve his time and be right back out on the front lines of the movement. However, fate ushers him down a different path altogether…

Mia Armstrong is an elementary schoolteacher from a conservative, Christian background. She also volunteers at the prison, and is asked to help spread the word about a prison pen pal program. In that process, she runs into Aaron, and before long, the two hit it off. Only there is one problem… Mia Armstrong is African American. The two forge an alliance and that friendship flourishes into pure, unadulterated love.

How can Aaron force himself to hate a woman he adores and loves based on her race alone? Will Mia be able to stay by his side after discovering the darker edge of the man she’s fallen helplessly in love with?

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