Saturday, September 5, 2015

Becoming Jen

Becoming Jen SM

Becoming Jen: My Journey to Mommyhood and Beyond

Even if you are not a mom you need to read this book! Becoming Jen had me laughing one moment and wanting to run to my kitchen the next so that I could make the amazing recipes that she includes. This is a book I highly recommend to all my mommy friends as it is a real mom's humorous perspective on love, marriage and motherhood. ~ Review by Nicole M Contreras
Book Description:

Becoming Jen is a hilariously truthful tale of one woman’s journey from being newlywed to newly mommy.  Using delicious recipes and awe-inspiring stories, she takes you on a journey through glorious Saturdays lounging in bed, to being woken up in the middle of the night by tiny ninjas.

Whether you're about to become a parent, or you just want to laugh and discover some scrumptious recipes, this book will have you snorting water from your nose and wondering what story she’ll tell next.


Say “bye-bye” to randomness and everything that comes with it.

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Randomness! Ha-ha, no you’re not. You don’t exist anymore. The closest thing we had to randomness was “randomly” grabbing extra clothes without making sure they matched before taking off to the store. Which is a big deal; especially since I made sure that my girl matched in every way. Her outfit totally matched, her bib matched that outfit and her extra bib matched, because we all knew she was going to spit-up at least once. I did randomly hide pieces of candy in the diaper bag though. However, there was no randomness with me eating said pieces of candy; I ate those bad boys whenever I needed to grab something out of the bag, or when I had to put something back into the bag; sometimes when something fell from the bag. Ok, basically I ate candy constantly. Because I love candy; mostly sour candy and chocolate. And if I’m feeling really fancy, chocolate covered sour anything. And now I’m hungry. Anyone have any spare candy?

Becoming Jen: My Journey to Mommyhood and Beyond

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