Monday, September 21, 2015

Fire War

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Book Description:

In 2051, The Hariq Jihad (english translation...Fire War) a middle east terrorist organization, attacked The United States and Canada at the same time. Bringing both countries to their knees; but that didn't last long. Shortly after the attacks the two countries joined forces to form one power country called The North American Union.

For twenty-five years the N.A.U. enjoyed the prosperity and safety of the union. There were occasional Hariq Jihad attempts at hurting the country but with no success thanks to the well trained N.A.U. military.. N.A.U. President Meyers, wants to get Mexico to join and make the entire continent one super country, The United Continental States of America.

Mexico President Vazquez was apprehensive at first but agreed to a meeting but only on a few conditions. He wants the meeting in his country and he wants some of his hand selected soldiers to be trained by the best N.A.U. soldier so they can help thwart any Hariq Jihad attacks.

Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson of the N.A.U. Marine Corp. agrees to spend six months in Mexico prior to the meet to train the soldiers. He later agrees to be President Meyers personal sniper/protector at the historic get together.

What happens next not only changes the continent but the entire world.


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