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This is How A Heart Breaks

This Is How A Heart Breaks

This Is How A Heart Breaks – 99 cents on Kindle!

A Home Run ! Review by Amazon Customer An excellent story of love, commitment, crisis and resolution. Ms. Dearth has given a deep and compelling look at the peaks and valleys involved in this marriage and the emotions involved in the joys and tragedies that come. I eagerly look forward to a sequel to this book.

Book Description:

A chance meeting changes Monte's and Kathryn's lives forever. Their whirlwind courtship ends in marriage. Then an event happens to change the course of their marriage and their lives. Suddenly Kathryn finds herself alone and struggling to make sense of everything.

An excellent story of love, commitment, crisis and resolution.

Excerpt (Kindle Locations 101-125). 

Kathryn’s eyes traveled upward until they rested on Anna’s face. Anna was a tall, slender woman in her early sixties. Her short, curly, strawberry blonde hair was mixed with gray. For the past fifteen years or so, she had been the linchpin of Kathryn’s existence. She was housekeeper, nanny, and friend.

“I loved him, Anna, but sometimes I came close to hating him.”

“I believe we all took turns with those feelings,” Anna commented in her no nonsense way as she wrapped her hand gently around Kathryn’s arm urging her up from the chair. “Come on… let’s get you upstairs. You’re all done in.”

It took a great deal of effort, but Kathryn forced herself up from the chair. Her body was stiff from sitting in one position for so long. As she stood, she felt light-headed and nearly blacked out. She teetered unsteadily on her feet. Her legs were numb and tingling. Anna had to put her arms around her shoulders to steady her. “Careful now!”

Kathryn steadied herself with Anna’s help. “My mind is not going to let me sleep. It’s a void one minute, and memories bombard me the next. I have this strong, deep, empty feeling that won’t go away. Sometimes… I just can’t stand it… it hurts so much. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep again.”

“Yes, you will.” Anna’s throaty voice was soft and tender. “If you get some rest, it’ll make you feel better, at least physically. Dr. Winston gave you some sleeping pills…”

“No!” Kathryn interrupted Anna in a sharp tone. Then in a gentler voice, she said, “I’ll be fine without them… really, I will. Has anyone heard from Gray? My poor boy… he’s devastated. He hardly said a word when I told him about Monte. Russ and I had a devil of a time trying to get in touch with him. You know, he wasn’t permitted to turn on his cell phone during the retreat. At the time roughing it sounded like a good idea but now…” her voice faded. She took a deep breath and said, “I think Russ said he would be here early this afternoon, but I’m not sure. At least Gray’ll be on the company jet and have no worries about making a connection.” She realized she was rambling and stopped talking. Her tired brain was sputtering. Kathryn bent down to pick up her shoes.

“If you want, I’ll call Russ and find out for you. Now let’s get you to your room.”

Kathryn trudged like a sleepwalker out of the formal living room into the large foyer which was quite grand with its cream and rose-colored marble. A large, multi-tiered, crystal chandelier hung overhead. She was barefoot and carried her shoes in her left hand. The marble flooring felt ice cold on her feet, and a slight shiver went through her tired body.

As they made their way to the stairs, Anna followed patiently behind her. They slowly mounted the cream-colored, carpeted, curved staircase. Each step was a struggle for Kathryn. Her legs were uncooperative and felt heavy - like dead weight. At the top of the staircase, they walked along the catwalk making their way towards her bedroom. Suddenly Kathryn stopped and turned. “I want to go to his room.”

This Is How A Heart Breaks – 99 cents on Kindle!

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