Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Renouncer of the Flame

Renouncer of The Flame

Renouncer of the Flame

I think George R. R. Martin has some competition! ~ Review by Desiree Frank

Renouncer of the Flame is one book I will not forget anytime soon. When I read Game of Thrones I pretty much needed a spreadsheet to keep track of all the characters and plotlines, but definitely didn't have that problem with this story. J.R. Copeland created some truly rich and complex characters as well as philosophical themes that encourage the reader to draw parallels to their own lives. A good book will entertain me for a few hours, but this one left me thinking about it for several days afterwards. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys great adult fantasy fiction!

Pirates are on the loose!

Book Description:

When land and food become scarce in Kairael, the country's aging ruler tries desperately to provide for his people while maintaining the peace at a cost not even he can predict. Not only are bandits violently expanding with magical aid, the neighboring countries are in chaos, pirates are on the loose, and the kaiser’s health is failing. The fate of the country rests on the shoulders of the rightful heir – and the exile who wants nothing more than to train others in the art of swordplay and to be left in peace.

In forty days, all paths will converge. In forty days, the dragons will stir . . .

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517 pages…

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