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VIC: Time Doesn't Matter


VIC: Time Doesn't Matter

KINDLE SALE – 99 cents in USA only! - November 11th to 16th

Highly creative, exciting adventure ~ Review by Kitty Smith  TOP 500 REVIEWER

If you've ever found yourself wondering if perhaps you've had past lives, then this book should totally captivate your interest. In 1919, twenty-five year old Victoria Custer is a tough, brave young woman who is most certainly not content to behave according to the standards of her day. For over a decade she's experienced these dreams of a life from thousands and thousands of years ago, and eventually she comes to understand that the dreams are actually memories from a past life. While in Africa she sets out on a grand adventure to find her modern day counterpart, the reincarnation of Nu, her mate from prehistoric times.

The brilliance in here is the crafting of the two different lives, that of Victoria and that of Nat-ul. Nat-ul's story comes in dreams but it feels completely realistic, developed to the point it's basically its own story. The more you come to know Nat-ul, the more you understand who Victoria is as well. The writing is skillful and the blending of history, romance, adventure, and perhaps a bit of the paranormal if you consider past lives as such is richly done. Overall an excellent, fast paced, and highly creative story.

A mercilessly agonizing memory can sometimes break a person and render them incapable of facing even the commonplace without being unnerved. Sometimes it can endow a person with near super human ability to take action in any circumstance.

Vic’s memory from a thousand generations past has emboldened her with the daring and determination to embark on an epic quest that may last a lifetime and on any day could take her life. Yet she is prepared to challenge any peril and venture into any danger, known or unknown. She has learned from her mysterious avatar Nat-ul, even when you face the gravest of threats, you need not be brave, you just need to do what needs done, for whatever menace you face, no matter what seems to go wrong, “It’s not hard. It’s just living.”

You need not be brave, you just need to do what needs done…

While big game hunting in Africa Victoria Custer recalls another time she was here and something she lost. Now she wants it back. She begins her search in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and takes brother Barney along and keeps him at his wits end wondering where she is and what he will tell their parents if he must return home alone.

In this first in the Vic series, meet Vic, a new female action hero from the 1920’s. From jungle adventure in Africa to more jungle adventure in the Yucatan, join this new heroine for non-stop excitement! And unless you were around in 1920 some of the accurate historical details will have you saying, “Wow, was it really like that?”

You can check it all out for yourself at Vic’s website with sources all listed and a link to her Pinterest boards. You'll like Vic. She's really nice, loves candy and is definitely a meat eater. She's in to fashion and collects cloches and barrettes. And she just happens to be a deadly expert with several weapons including prehistoric stone war ax and stone knife. And while she will readily cry at something sad or especially happy, don’t confuse emotion with weakness. Vic remembers a time and place that was stupendously savage and any moment might find you chomped and chewed and soaking in the digestive juices of some monstrous creature, so she will walk into things that make brave men cower and cry for their mother.

VIC: Time Doesn't Matter

KINDLE SALE – 99 cents in USA only! - November 11th to 16th

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