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24 Short Titles of Terror

Horror Stories: 24 Short Titles of Terror by Jeffrey Jeschke #horror #ghosts #orbs #angels

 Warning: Intended for an adult audience!

Horror Stories: 24 #shortstories #Ghosts #spirits #orbs #angels... Read at your own risk.

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EXCERPT– First short story about Maggie. This one is based on truth however, the other stories in the book are fiction.

Maggie was a strange little girl. The strangest thing about Maggie was she was dead. Her spirit had never left this world. What was even stranger was she attached herself to another living girl about the same age. Maggie died at the age of six. Maggie died in 1984 from a car accident. She had long dark hair and always wore a nice little one piece dress. It was a very plain dress. After her death she didn’t really communicate, nor was she ever really communicated with. The closest thing Maggie came to any interaction was how closely she studied the little girl she had become infatuated with. That unfortunate girl’s name was Linda. Maggie would sometimes just follow Linda from place to place.

Maggie wanted to have what Linda had. Maggie wanted to be Linda in some ways. At times Maggie wanted to trade places with Linda. Maggie at times wished Linda was dead and that she was the one that was living. Maggie had dark soulless eyes. Her spirit was restless and incredibly unhappy. The little girl Maggie had become infatuated with was also six years old. Maggie became much attached, but she attempted not to let the little girl see her presence. Every time Linda laughed Maggie would grimace because she missed laughing. Every time Linda received presents, or love from anyone a tear would roll down Maggie’s face. This eventually caused her eyes to turn into black soulless holes.

Linda belonged to a nice middle class family and had dolls and a nice big bedroom. Maggie’s mother got rid of all furniture after her death, due to the pain and loss of losing her child. The family that got Maggie’s dresser happened to belong to Linda. Her family did not know that by giving Linda Maggie’s old dresser they opened a horrifying door. That door led to Maggie missing life itself and wanting to live it through Linda. Linda at times felt as though a little girl would be sitting up inside the drawer of her dresser staring at her at times. This happened often and especially around the holidays. When she turned to look the little girl would lie down flat and disappear back into the dresser. Linda would run over to the dresser and search through the clothing, but she never found any evidence of Maggie. This was because Maggie’s body was long gone and she was only a spirit now. She was a lost and tortured spirit.

Linda enjoyed holidays, family reunions, birthdays and all the luxuries of having a wonderful and wholesome family. Linda had pretty long blonde hair and the prettiest smile. She had lots of toys and too many dolls to play with. She had mountains of nice clothes and even a dog named Rover. Her dog was a beautiful black lab that happened to be a house dog. Rover never liked to spend a lot of time in Linda’s room, nor would Rover get very close to Linda’s dresser. At times Rover barked at Linda’s dresser. Linda never could figure out why that would occur. Rover tugged at Linda and attempted to repeatedly get Linda to play anywhere else, but her bedroom. Linda did not know that many times she was being mimicked by the lost spirit of Maggie.

When Linda slept Maggie would pretend she was wearing Linda’s clothes. She mimicked how Linda played in the middle of her bedroom floor. She pretended Linda’s birthdays and holidays was hers in her mind. She pretended Linda’s family was her family. Maggie did not hate Linda at first. At first she was content to just sit in the background and imagine herself a member of Linda’s family. Pretending worked okay for a while, but as the years passed Maggie began to feel contempt towards Linda.

Maggie felt jealousy and even some hatred towards Linda. Maggie at times struggled with controlling herself. Maggie thought someone would come get her, but nobody came. Maggie never saw the light and Maggie never saw her family again after the wicked accident that killed her. Meanwhile Linda’s father was not noticing strange things that occurred in the home because he was quite busy working all the time. He was very dedicated to his job and to providing for his family. Her mother did notice certain things. She especially noticed things in relation to the family photographs that were taken. She noticed the photographs in relation to Linda just did not look quite right. This was especially true in relation to the photographs that were taken of Linda. Her mother worked part time as a graphic design artist and her father was a busy insurance salesman. He didn’t really believe in the supernatural very much. Strange things happened inside their family home. Strange and very peculiar things were especially happening surrounding Linda and Linda’s bedroom.

Even stranger yet was that while Linda was aging Maggie also aged, but not so beautifully. Maggie was becoming a monster. Her feelings were changing her spirit and the way she projected herself was getting uglier and uglier. Maggie’s head and face bore the years of self-isolation and the feeling of abandonment. Maggie could not change the dress she had on because she died in it. Maggie’s spirit mimicked the aging process Linda went through, however for Maggie she wasn’t aging so beautifully. Her face became elongated and deformed. Her jaw became pointy and long like a witches chin. Her eyes were cold and black and seemed like bottomless pits. She became hideously tall and lanky. Linda aged beautifully with a nice curvy body and a very pretty smile. Linda had beautiful eyes, full lips and a captivating smile that everyone adored. Linda was attractive in every sense of the word.

Linda began to notice strange things by the time she got into high school. Her favorite shirts or pants were sometimes ripped. It had looked as if someone took a knife to them and cut a long line in them. She wondered if her family’s washer had a loose piece of metal in it. She could never figure out how so many things she loved kept getting broke, or went missing. Maggie no longer hid in Linda’s dresser, due to her height. Her hatred of Linda was growing. She continued to follow Linda everywhere, but stayed in the family’s attic instead of the dresser. Linda was 18 when Maggie fully presented herself. Maggie would have also been 18 if she wouldn’t have died in that car accident.

It was the night of Linda’s 18th birthday party. Linda was dropped off at her home after her and her family went out to eat. Linda had lived in the country. Her home had a long dirt driveway and a very pretty large big white house. Her folks dropped her off around fifty feet from her home. They wanted to visit a friend’s so they had turned their car around after dropping Linda off in the drive way. After their disappeared into the distance Linda noticed something walking towards her. Linda was casually walking and watching. She suddenly noticed a long dark haired woman around a hundred feet, or 30 meters away in a field getting closer and closer. What was unusual was this woman was around eight feet tall and paper thin. She wore an ugly one piece dress and her head was as long as two dinner plates. Her jaw was thin and long and her lips were paper thin. Her eyes were as black as coal. She looked like she was pure evil and hatred. She swung her long skinny arms when she walked and her steps were rather large.

Linda suddenly had a feeling that this was no woman. At least it wasn’t a living woman. It was either a demon, or the most hideous ghost she had ever seen in her life. Linda always knew she had thought she saw a little girl watching her all while she grew, but wasn’t totally sure. Well at this moment in time she realized that none of those times were just her imagination. She suddenly realized that the little girl was real. She suddenly realized the little girl aged when she aged, but the little girl she used to see is now a monster. Maggie’s deformed and angry presence put a fear into Linda that reached her very bones. She began to run. She ran as fast she could to the house. Maggie began to walk faster.

Linda’s dog was old now, but the dog knew Maggie was there. It is a known fact that animals can detect spirits, or certain changes in the environment. Rover at no time was fooled by Maggie. Linda’s dog barked as if to tell Linda to run harder and run faster! Linda got to the front door and almost dropped her keys. She got into her home and just in time. Maggie was only a few car lengths away. Although Maggie was a spirit she attempted to abide from some human rules. She did not simply go through the walls, but she more wanted to be invited. When Maggie was a little girl and through all of the years of morphing into the beast she was at the present time all she ever wanted was to be human.

After Linda entered her home she slammed her door extremely hard and locked it. Maggie just stood on the porch and stared at Linda’s front door. Linda could hear the wood porch creak back and forth. Maggie paced back and forth on Linda’s porch. Maggie realized this horrified Linda and Maggie was sick and tired of hiding. She was sick of seeing Linda grow older and into a beautiful woman, while she morphed into a sick and hideous being. She was tired of being unseen, abandoned and isolated. Maggie decided it was her time to come out and she was bent on Linda noticing her. She bent on Linda feeling her wrath. She was bent on Linda being the brunt of how jealous was in regards of Linda’s life. Maggie suddenly wanted everything Linda had, was, or ever will be. Maggie wanted a future and a family and if she couldn’t have it she was going to destroy Linda’s family and take Linda’s life.

Linda closed the shutters and drapes. She saw Maggie’s elongated creepy and disgusting face on the porch. She saw the look of hatred in Maggie’s cold black soulless eyes. Linda and Rover sat on the couch. The dog was shaking like a leaf on a tree, while sitting on the couch. Linda felt her own body shake and tremble with fear. Linda said to Rover, “You’re right Rover and it’s not just in my imagination”. The dog knew too well that Linda was never alone. The dog knew the danger around Maggie. Rover just knew Maggie was a dangerous entity. This was why the dog never went close to Linda’s dresser. Linda wished and hoped her parents would come home soon.

Finally Linda noticed a set of car lights. Linda’s parents pulled into the drive and parked the car. Linda and her dog seemed to relax a little. Her folks came in and inquired as to why she was still up and as to why all of the drapes were shut. Linda told her folks the story about what had happened. Her father didn’t really believe her, yet her mother believed her. Linda’s mother has also noticed strange things that had occurred over the years. Strange things went on surrounding Linda’s toys, clothes and sometimes even Linda herself. Her dad thought that possibly Linda just ate too much, or she was possibly sick.

Her mother suddenly wanted to share some information with Linda about family related photographs. Her mother retrieved the family photo album and asked Linda to sit on the couch and brace herself. Linda wasn’t really sure what to expect, or what her mother was about to tell her. Her mother pointed to photographs of Linda at various years of her life growing up. Her mother said,” Linda when you were six years of age your photos began to seem very strange”. Linda stared at the photos and suddenly noticed there were small orbs behind her in every photo. She also noticed that the orbs were in other photos as she aged. When she learned how to ride a bicycle there were orbs and also when she got her driver’s license. The family took photos of special moments as Linda aged and marked every one of them for the family album.

There were orbs in all of them, but mostly only during special events. Linda’s mother was never absolutely for sure what the orbs meant, but now it even made sense to her. Linda and her mother convinced her father to sit down and also look at the photographs. Her father wrestled with the idea of a spirit and questioned it, but something suddenly changed his mind. Her father had opened up all of the drapes and blinds in the home a little earlier and he noticed something outside the window. Her father walked to the window and could not believe his eyes. Goose bumps climbed the back of his neck and his hair stood on end.
He noticed she looked straight at him. Her cold black eyes looked straight into his soul. Her father suddenly feared for both his safety and the safety of his family. Maggie leaned forward almost touching the window with her long and hideous face. Her lips tightened. Her father screamed, “Leave me family alone!” Maggie just looked at him for what seemed like forever. Maggie turned and walked away, but she knew she would be back. The family could hear a slight cry off in the distance. Maggie was angry, upset and felt rejected. She was furious and suddenly did not just hate Linda. Now Maggie hated the entire family. In Maggie’s mind they all had what she wanted, which was life itself.

The family waited a while and watched out the window to see if Maggie was going to return. Once there was no signs of Maggie the family embraced one another in the middle of their living room. Now Linda’s mother and father believed what was going on. The finally understood the real dangers of what was happening. They believed Maggie was real. The photographs now made sense. Every single thing that was odd that had ever happened suddenly made sense to them. Linda’s mother told both Linda and her father that there was one photograph she never shared with anyone. Her mother ran upstairs and returned with a very old photograph.

Linda and both of her parents sat on the family couch and studied the old photograph. The girl had black long hair and wore a very plain one piece dress. The photo was of a poor little girl with a ripped teddy bear in her hand. The back of the photograph said Maggie. In the photograph the little girl didn’t look happy, but she was not as deformed as she was now. She had a frown on her face. A very plain dress and it was reminiscent of what was on the creepy woman on the porch. Her father suddenly said, “We’re dealing with an angry spirit”. Everyone started to shake a little bit. Nobody quite knew how to deal with such an upset spirit. They were not sure they were going to be safe in their own home. Nobody felt comfortable and everyone suddenly seemed very fidgety.

Linda’s father paced back and forth in the living room. The family didn’t go up to their rooms, but slept in the living room for their own protection. Rover even stayed in the living room. No-one really slept that night and especially Linda. Linda began to realize that this female entity didn’t just show up by chance, but that she had been with Linda her entire life.
This made her start to sweat. Meanwhile Maggie walked away again and dissipated into thin air. Her spirit returned to the home, but it went straight to the attic. The family never noticed its presence this time around, but the dog woke everyone up at one point by giving aloud bark. After Maggie went up into the attic she lied down in the fetal position in the corner of the attic. Maggie was a freak of nature in her mind. She was a hideous freak and suddenly hated herself just as much as she hated Linda.

The next morning Linda’s father had a request for the family to try to do after breakfast. Linda’s father said, “Let’s pray for this entity and for its family to return”. The family made a tight circle in their living room. They all started to pray for whatever it was that was outside their home the night before. They prayed for the lost little girl that’s attached herself to Linda for all of these years. They prayed for all of the pain that little girl had to endure over the years. They prayed for her no matter how ugly and hideous she was, or has evolved into. They prayed for several hours on end. They prayed for peace and they forgave the spirit for causing them to lose a nights rest. They forgave the spirit for scaring them to death the night before.

Several hours later a bright, bright light entered into the attic. There Maggie lied in the corner crying. Her spirit body was still in the fetal position tight against the side of the wall. Cob webs and dirt surrounded her. She was in a cold and disgusting place. There was nothing in the attic, but cold and emptiness. A voice was heard, but it was heard only to Maggie. The voice said, “Get up Maggie”. Maggie opened her eyes. Suddenly Maggie’s face and head morphed into an attractive, yet sad and human looking form.

Her height shrunk. In a matter of minutes she morphed into a normal sized woman of around five feet eight inches in height. Maggie had no control over this and somehow the light was changing her. Maggie suddenly stopped crying. She turned to the light. She then stood up. The light seemed so incredibly warm and friendly. It was unbelievably pleasant Maggie thought. The light suddenly encompassed her entire body. Maggie cried again, but this time she cried tears of joy! Another voice said, “Walk into the light you are no longer alone and you are no longer lost”. Maggie suddenly realized she had heard a familiar voice. She was astonished and couldn’t believe her ears.

Maggie stepped a little closer and suddenly she saw her mother standing there. Her mother had a very warm smile and she stepped towards Maggie. She reached her arms out toward Maggie. Her mother embraced her! Maggie for the first time in 12 years hugged someone back. Maggie and her mother floated in thin air. Maggie and her mother embraced one another for what seemed like for hours. Maggie’s spirit left that family home that day and never, ever returned.

Maggie was in a much better place. Maggie felt loved and for the first time in a very long time wanted to love again. Maggie went into the light and never was seen again on this earth. Her spirit was a beautiful woman and no longer a hideous beast. Her eyes were no longer as black as coal, her face was no longer elongated and her lips were no longer tight. She was with her family now. Maggie was not alive on earth, but she didn’t need to be anymore. She was in a place much more beautiful than anything on earth.

Meanwhile Linda and her parents noticed a change in the home. It was much warmer. The dog even seemed much more comfortable. Suddenly the dog was not afraid of going near Linda’s dresser anymore! The dog even wagged its tail when inside her room whereas the dog was always nervous beforehand. Her folks prayed more and more every day to make sure they were safe. They also all felt closer to one another after they encountered the lost spirit of Maggie. Their family grew stronger and Linda’s heart learned compassion and even forgiveness. She holds no grudge towards Maggie. Maggie is no longer a hideous entity, but at peace and with her family.

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