Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Beautifully honest memoir

Mindy Caron #caretaker #memoir #selfhelp

This book touched me on several levels. The heart of this book is how we love and care for each other and ourselves. It looks at how we deal with family and friends, the ones that matter and those that pass through our lives. Mindy thank you for sharing your heart, and baring your soul. For sharing Don's and your story of tragedy rebirth and all the pitfalls and triumphs along the way. Thank you for showing us all how to look at life differently and live. I will recommend this to friends and my family!

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For anyone who has endured the brutal fallout of a loved one from brain injury...#caregiver #memoir His Stroke, My Recovery," is healing balm to the heart.

Foreward by Heather Tobin

Barely 8 months married at 27, author Mindy Caron is faced with the devastation of her husband, Don's massive stroke. The couple's reality is altered irrevocably in an instant. This is where the great work begins. "His Stroke, My Recovery" casts a light on the recovery and transformation of a stroke survivor's caretaker. Mindy Caron rises from the ashes of heartbreak and horror, with depth, wisdom, wit, love , and strength. This penetrating and beautifully honest memoir offers us a glimpse into her world with Don, her roles evolving from traditional wife, to ex spouse, to surrogate mother. With humor, grace, and tears, we witness the metamorphosis of this brave woman as she redefines herself bolstered by an unwavering spirituality.

Dysfunctional and narcissistic family members and friends abound in her odyssey to not only be a beacon for Don, but for herself. Yet with each mishap and brutal event, Mindy never relinquishes the triumphant calling of her soul. For anyone who has endured the brutal fallout of a loved one from brain injury, " His Stroke, My Recovery," is healing balm to the heart.

Author: Mindy Caron
Mindy Caron
I am the owner/operator of Empath Healing where I help people balance their mind, body and spirit. My passion is to show others the beauty in their own lives and to help them find ways of seeing the good in every instance.

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