Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Be part of a Fan Interactive Book Series

"This is a fast paced novel for a reader looking for entertainment. Be prepared to fall in love with the characters and feel joy, suspense, sadness and excitement all in one sitting." ~ Peggy McColl - NY Times Best Selling Author

Book Description:
You could be a character in the next book in the series! Introducing the first fan-interactive book series! (See Excerpt here)

Christian Asher had all the promise of any soon to be college junior. Handsome, athletic and bright, he prepared to embark on his future, a future filled with events far beyond his wildest dreams, or maybe not? Christian has a secret, a secret hidden deep within the recesses of his mind.

This is Christian's story... Travel with Christian as this secret awakens, unleashing a series of new and exciting events bringing discovery, adventure and good fortune. His excitement, however, is short lived when he learns that his gift has stimulated unwanted interest and concern, rapidly testing his ability to trust those closest to him… 

R.C. Henningsen is the author of "Being There Awakenings", the beginning of a series of thrilling adventures incorporating a little creative licensing on actual recorded historical events that stimulated the creation of the characters and storyline. The process of which has been millennia in the making.

Be part of this book series and have a chance to receive an Ipad Mini! 

Go to beingthereawakenings for details!

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