Saturday, December 21, 2013

Being proud to be who you are

Guest Article by Justin Mark


  • Eric is an ex-soldier, learning to adjust to a civilian lifestyle.
  • Alex is an eleven year old boy who is bullied at school.
  • Cindy is a high school senior who struggles under the pressures of society. 

They all go through their lives, trying to adjust, struggling, when a major event brings them all together where they will change each other's lives forever.

This book takes on several tough situations in society today including bullying, PTSD, and the societal pressures teenage girls are forced to live with. Through the characters experiences and narrative, the message of being proud to be who you are even if you’re different is emphasized.

As they evolve through the story and situations escalate to all time lows the book takes a huge twist leaving readers turning page after page to see if everybody will get the second chance in life they deserve.
Highly recommended for high school students, anybody that has dealt with bullying as well as their parents! Help take a stand against bullying!
"Everything comes back to the idea of being proud of who you are – even if you’re different and forced to face adversity as a result. Bullying ruins victims’ lives, literally for those who take the final decision of suicide. My characters encourage readers from all walks of life to be proud of who they are and champion their individuality."

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