Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Intrigue (Real Shadows)


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"You're looking at him again." Elizabeth teased, eyes sparkling as Alexa looked at her and rolled her eyes.

"I was not. I was paying attention to the conversation." Alexa replied, grinning and helping herself to another glass of wine. After all, neither of them had to drive tonight.

"Oh, please, we both know that's not what you're paying attention to." Elizabeth sighed back, still grinning at her friend. She glanced across at Lochlan, who had been suspiciously nice all evening. "Back me up here."

"Whatever you may or may not find attractive about him, I'd suggest you think very carefully before going anywhere near him. He is in the middle of a very messy divorce." Lochlan drawled after a few moments, raising an eyebrow. "Not to mention the emotional baggage inherent in having been married to a serial philanderer for the best part of your life."

"That's a bit harsh, don't you think?" Alexa asked hopefully, sneaking another glance towards the older man, who was busy chatting with Richard and Emma.

"After all, everyone knows the divorce has been coming for... what? Two years?"

"At least three." Elizabeth murmured, shrugging. "But still, Lochlan's right..."

"I didn't say it wouldn't be a bad idea." Lochlan cut in smoothly, still managing to sound as though he honestly didn't care. "Just that she would have to be careful."

Book Description: 
This is a story about a young woman, with a friend who is closer to her than a sister. They are both quickly drawn into a world of conspiracy by the shadowy corporation that the woman's older brothers both work for, and before long, they are both discovering that there is far more to their lives than they'd ever imagined.

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