Friday, December 13, 2013

Poems of Love, Romance and Tears

Poems of Love, Romance and Tears

Poetry is music to my very being. I have something in common with Author Judy Ritchie-Ramirez. Actually, there are a few things.
  • We both write poetry
  • My grandmother and great grandfather wrote poetry as did her grandmother.
  • We love to write and it is a way to express how we feel about life.

But there is more to Judy...she is an artist and her paintings are also shared within this delightful book. Go to Amazon and look inside the book in the kindle. (currently not available for the print version) There is a painting above the dedication to her father. Which again is another commonality. I feel the same way about my Dad.

Review by voicu on Amazon:
This small collection of poems makes an easy read on a rainy weekend. Through her poems, Judy lets us in and offers us a glimpse at her life, her friendships and her reliance on God’s guidance. The playful tone of her verse, the pureness of her feelings and the influence of her childhood memories give the readers a quick insight into a life well lived.
I love the way the book is described. The poems were written during times of love, happiness, romance and sorrow, sadness and tears. Here is the line that takes hold of me - "Then there are the ones that were written during the part of her life when God simply stepped in and took over to help with the healing."

Video Review

Be sure to awaken the poet in you by reading Judy's poems. This book is currently available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. (Note: Kindle cover is different from the paperback)

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