Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Thirty Something Snap


I laughed out loud 'twice' in the first couple of pages. Oh know you have found a "must read" when you feel as though you alone are being told a story personally.

This blogger (me) loves to see in behind the scenes and into the author's thoughts and intentions. Not sure if I have seen this before or not, but I was pleasantly surprised to see an introduction to this novel.

Excerpt: An Introduction: (Kindle Locations 110-114).

Sometimes as we get older we panic. Our youth is a fresh memory and old age suddenly doesn’t seem that far away. From that sense of panic we find ourselves doing things that might seem to compromise our integrity. No longer able to justify our actions as symptomatic of youth we delve into impulsive behaviors anyway. Maybe it’s to demonstrate to ourselves that “we still got it.” It’s hard to say. And it’s different for men than it is for women. But nobody is left out.

For many of us that sudden realization that our youth is waning happens in our thirties. I suspect that it only begins in our thirties, though, and may, in fact, continue indefinitely. It is that beginning, that sudden reckless desire to abandon caution, that we first go through in that decade known as ‘the thirties’ that I have decided to label “The Thirty Something Snap.”

Review by Karl on Amazon: 
This is a brilliant, top-notch book!, Not the full on romance that I had expected, but a light- hearted comedy/ romance that had me laughing so hard my ribs ached. Alan Helgasson has really captured that moment in everybody’s life when they simply just ‘snap’. Howard and his friends have come to the realization that they’re getting older and there are many things they wish they had done. Most of the scenarios that take place are hilarious with great dialogue. I think it’s safe to assume that we’ve all had friends like these and I almost sure I have even had some of these conversations before. The author really has managed to bring these characters to life each with their own humor to add to the mix, with something for everyone to relate to. An absolute pleasure to read!
Women and men will enjoy this story as you are taken on an adventure to a nudist resort, a New York City peep show, hitchhiking across Europe, signing up for a Fantasy Rock And Roll Camp, and even falling in love.

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