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Christmas Stories for Children

Christmas Stories for Children

Another way to welcome in Christmas and get children excited is to read them stories. Take a look at the Christmas Tree!

I did not notice at first but the words on the ornaments are the actual names of the chapters. Or better said, the messages contained within the book. This is not a picture book. There are 7 stories to teach children Christmas values.

 Christmas Values

 Excerpt - (Kindle Location 41)
Catherine would listen to her father say, “God gives gifts to all of his children. To some he gives wealth, and to some he gives family, but to all he gives peace and joy."
Let us peek inside the book - The first story is about a young girl who goes over to her friends house to play. This friend just happens to come from a very rich family and has a beautiful big bedroom full of toys. Catherine wants to know why life is so unfair. Her father explains to her that it isn't unfair.

“Well,” her father said, “we all get the same important gifts, like love and joy and faith.” (Kindle Locations 71-72) Catherine's father continues on by explaining what faith is.

What is faith? I like the definition from the World English Dictionary that says this - Faith is the strong or unshakable belief in something especially without proof or evidence. However, this other definition listed fits best with this story - Christianity, trust in God and in his actions and promises. 

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