Thursday, February 6, 2014

Naked Siren:Port Emerald After Dark

Naked Siren

Guest post by Megan Hussey

Meet the Merman of Your Dreams in the Novel Naked Siren: Port Emerald After Dark (An adult book for a mature audience)

Romantic Novel Explores the Legend of the Merman. The classic legend of the sea nymph gets a whole new twist in "Naked Siren: Port Emerald After Dark," a full-length romance novel from author Megan Hussey and Class Act Books.This time, it's a beautiful, sexy merman who romances a strong and everyday lady of the land.

As talented and successful as she is, romance writer Lucia Wakefield couldn't write anything this good; a gorgeous man arises from the waters of her native Port Emerald, Fla., to tempt, tease and seduce her.

Only this hunk harbors just a couple of secrets:

1. He's a male exotic dancer by trade.
2. Sometimes, just sometimes, he has a fin....

Naked Siren is a revolutionary novel of female fantasy with strong paranormal elements and more than a little humor and sweet romance thrown in for good measure. It is the sequel to the story collection Wild Sirens, also available through Class Act Books.

Excerpt: Prologue

The vision of sirens, bronzed and bare in a glorious light, served to penetrate the delicate psyche of their stunned, humbled observer. She watched as they stood side by side on a stage of ebony velvet, their tall flawless bodies swaying and writhing in a dance of sultry seduction.

As they leered and gyrated before a crowd of screaming women, they knew not who watched. And as they peeled away their clothes to reveal golden muscled forms, the two sea gods did not realize that their destinies hung in the balance.

"This simply won't do." She rose from her seat and shook her regal head. "This won't do at all."


 Naked Siren: Port Emerald After Dark is available at Class Act Books!

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