Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Matters!

Communication-Skills Magic

Guest post by E.G. Sebastian

To create a loving and happy relationship with your spouse or significant other, it helps if you

Understand Your Loved One’s “Language” – Communication Style


Understand YOUR Communication Style


Learn HOW to Adapt Your Communication Style to Get through to Your Partner Most Effectively

Most of us jump into a romantic relationship (or carefully ease into it) thinking that love will solve everything: Relationships have their ups and downs; and the lucky ones of us have more ups than downs…  The good news is, however, that all of the above challenges have very simple keys to understanding and solving.

Like it or not  (or, if you are like some – believe it or not) there are four main  personality styles.  Yes, yes, at cognitive level you might even know that, but when it comes to your relationship with your loved ones, you’d expect everyone to see things the way you do… and understand your communication style (or if you are a certain personality style, you expect others to read your mind without even saying anything – good luck with that!)

Get the Solution in Your Hands Today

 Get Communication Skills Magic today and…

  • get to understand why your partner behaves and communicates the way s/he does
  • get a good understanding of WHY do you behave and communicate the way you do (and this is probably the #1 area you should focus in the beginning)
  • get a thorough understanding of what your partner expects from you
  • get a good understanding of your expectations of your partner
  • learn how to manage the often unreasonable expectations from each other
  • find out how you can communicate with your partner in a way to connect at a deeper level,
  • explore ways to avoid – or even eliminate – most of the conflict that might errode your relationship
  • learn to deal with conflicting situations with grace and dignity, without anger and stress
  • explore what motivates your partner – what makes him/her happy – and how to provide it to him/her
  • and much more…
The good news is that you can get Communication Skills Magic (268 pages), with all the answers you were looking for that will help you improve your relationship with your spouse or significant other.

Get Communication Skills Magic today

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If you work with people, or live with them, this book does not belong on your bookshelf, it belongs on your desk as a daily reference. As a manager of a diverse group of individuals, knowing the right approach with each one of them makes my life very easy.

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