Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Summer of Lost Soles

Be Prepared to Be Looked At While Reading This! ~ excerpt of a review by The Bookworm
You will get looks from others as you read this because you wont be able to help yourself from laughing! Ricky is just a young kid trying to make it through life with his friends and family. His problem however, is that he keeps on losing or destroying his shoes! Things just seem to happen to him that cause his shoes to go missing, get lost, or damaged!

Excerpt from the Book Description:
The book The Summer of Lost Soles by Ronald E. Hudkins follows a youth named Ricky and his friends through their preteen 1960’s summer vacation mishaps. It seems Ricky has a somewhat known reputation for not being able to keep from destroying, losing or misplacing every pair of shoes that are destined, rumored, indicated or even actually placed upon his feet. He has a devious scheming sister that lives to get him into trouble. His parents are at wits end to keep him in shoes. His friends aren’t any help at all in helping Ricky preserve his footwear be it by their pranks or everyday antics where stuff ultimately happens.


Check out the Author’s website - http://www.ronaldhudkins.com/ Ronald Hudkins has some other books with some pretty interesting titles too. For example - What Makes Cannabis Recipes Work?

The Summer of Lost Soles is soon to be released in audio format. Click on the cover below or here to listen to Chapter 2. (scroll down to the middle of the page) I listened to it and it is very good.


The Summer of Lost Soles is Available on Amazon. Links for USA  & Canada
Also available on Smashwords.

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