Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is Meetupology?

jamesburchill Best_Seller
Meetupology - How To Market Your Business Using Networking Events & Meetups is Available on Amazon USAAmazon Canada and

This book hit #1 without being free. I have downloaded this book myself and I am very impressed with it. James Burchill is an engaging writer and so I thought the best way to introduce this book is with a fascinating excerpt below. But first let’s look at the books description to see what it is all about.

Would you like to generate all the local leads you can handle?
Would you like to position yourself as an expert and the 'go-to' person in your town?
Then you need to start a local b2b networking group.
That's precisely what James Burchill did, and in just 18 short months (using the formula he shares in his book) he added over 3,000 local businesses to his lead list ... and that was part time!
Today the Social Fusion Network (SFN) is a local networking phenomenon. Founded by James C. Burchill, SFN is changing how local businesses network.
In Part 1 of this book the author shares the backstory of how it all started and more importantly (in Part 2) the actual formula that makes these networks such a local success.
In other words ... you could copy the formula and experience the same results! (All with the authors permission.)
While the author can't promise you'll create a bigger and more connected network than your local Chamber of Commerce, it's not hard to do if you follow the SFN formula.
Excerpt - Chapter 2: The Problem Today (Kindle Locations 47-60).
Networking is not not working
Networking is not working , at least not in the sense of how it once did. With the advent of social media and other disruptive technologies, people are connecting differently and sadly, for many, they're simply not adapting.
In my first book, "Social Media Isn't Social If You're Shouting!" I explained how people are naturally gregarious and that they are programmed at a genetic level to be social . We don't need to think about doing - we just are it.
So when people try and force "being social" they often mess it up. We can feel it when someone is being in -authentic. Don't ask me how, we just can. It's this reason I am committed to local networking.
The #1 way to get new business
According to a recent poll, 2 small business gets 82% of its business leads from networking. Let that sink in for a moment because it's an amazing statistic.
The #1 way most businesses generate new business is through networking.
And we wonder why in-person networking groups are so popular? But there's a catch. With so many groups vying for members -- and so many groups making their money selling memberships -- it quickly gets expensive for a small business.
Meet the Author
James Burchill
James Burchill was born in England and travelled extensively in his youth. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and employees, James chose independence and became a freelance systems consultant. Published first at age 9 (for software) and age 13 (as a jr. correspondent in Africa,) James has since authored thousands of articles, essays and other "How To" content.
…

Meetupology - How To Market Your Business Using Networking Events & Meetups is Available on Amazon USAAmazon Canada and

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