Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Your Chinese Astrology Guide 2014


“Each year is bringing different energies in our lives. Some of them are beneficial and other ones are not. Like always in life, luck is oscillating while challenges are changing places with opportunities.” ~ dragon-gate.com

What is Chinese Astrology?

It is an ancient system which relies on a number of factors in order to predict what the days ahead might bring. Such as;
  • The flow of energy
  • Natural elements
  • Contradicting powers

So where do you stand in this Jia Wu (Wooden Horse) year of 2014 in context of your romantic life, career, entrepreneurship and health, both physical and mental?

From the desk of dragon-gate.com:

Life is a journey that is best experienced by taking each day as it comes and living through every moment that is tossed on the path by powers that be. That said there are times when it is impossible to embrace its unpredictability with a balanced frame of mind. In such a situation, it is but natural to wish there was some way that would somehow give inkling as to what the future may have in store.

TOC Chinese Astrology

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