Monday, April 7, 2014

Author ‘Frank Zafiro’ is spot on with his depiction of crime and criminals



Keeps you hooked ~ Excerpt of Review by Eros

“This is the type of book that I would recommend for every die-hard crime/mystery fans out there. The plot sucks you in within the first few chapters due to the author's alluring, vivid writing style - and the way the story plays out isn't comparable to any other book out there, it's simply that unique.”

Here is what Frank Zafiro shares about the plot of his latest novel ~       At Their Own Game!

Jake Stankovic has been flying below the radar for years, dealing safely in stolen property crime with his two-man crew. But times are tough, so he decides to step up to the big money with a drug deal. Everything that can go wrong, does. The deal goes bad, a vengeful detective sets his sights on Jake, one of his crew might be a turncoat, and a woman from a long past affair suddenly reappears. All of this would be complicated enough on it’s own, but for Jake, it’s even worse.

The woman is the detective’s ex-wife.

And Jake Stankovic used to be a cop.

Now Jake must face new problems and old vendettas in an all-in proposition with lives on the line. He has to find a way to get his money back, keep the girl, and beat everyone involved…At Their Own Game.


Want to see the first three chapters to preview?

Go to Frank Zafiro’s website!

Frank Zafiro

Frank was a police officer from 1993 to 2013.

He is the author of numerous crime novels.

In addition to writing, Frank is an avid hockey fan and a tortured guitarist. He lives in Chattaroy, Washington.

You can keep up with him at

At Their Own Game is Available on Amazon!

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