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Guest post by Samantha Gregory

The Dead Walked...

Jenna Deluise lives in a broken world.

After a zombie plague wipes out most of America, the country is now trying to rebuild. A new government called the New Alliance has risen and eliminated the zombie population. But the Alliance has total control over the country. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules is thrown in a containment camp.

After Jenna’s father supposedly kills himself, Jenna is left alone to care for her mother. When his boss shows up, claiming her father is alive; he kidnaps Jenna to lure him out.

Locked in an underground Alliance bunker, Jenna must form an unwelcome alliance of her own, if she is going to escape and find out the truth.

Are the zombies really gone? What is the Alliance hiding? What part does Jenna play in her father’s research?

Set in the near future, After focuses on what life would be like in the aftermath of a zombie virus and how a corrupt government would take advantage.

Written from the viewpoints of seventeen year old Jenna and her father’s ex lab assistant Wesley, we learn how her father is involved with the virus and the secrets he is hiding that caused him to fake his own death.

This was a great read, the zombies weren't overused and you really cared about Jenna's plight. There were a few twists along the way (I won’t spoil it for anyone) and it left me wanting more. Highly recommended. Review by Kat Gracey.

After is written as a young adult book, but is enjoyable for adults too. It is the first book in a series of three.

Available to buy through Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format now. The sequel Before is out soon, published by J Ellington Ashton Press.


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