Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Bizarre


Christmas Bizarre: Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery #2


What a fun read! Christmas Bizarre offers a nice bit of mystery, a little romance and a crazy cast of characters. Mina Kitchen is a down-to-earth hero that faces some definitely bizarre obstacles in her life. Bonus - some tasty looking recipes are included! Review by Margaret Horner

Guest Article by Lizz Lund

"Christmas Bizarre" is Mystery #2 in the Mina Kitchen series. One apt reader review is, "Seinfeld + Catch 22 + Pink Panther." That, and being awarded a 5-star review from “Readers’ Favorite.”

Mina's just a typical out of work gal - constantly looking for a new job, and constantly cooking - it's her form of therapy. In her journey for full-time career, she takes on a lot of goofy part time jobs to makes ends meet. Unfortunately for Mina, these ends often involve a bunch of knots - with Mina getting caught in the middle. As well as bit on the neck by a geriatric vampire - with dentures.

Mina has 2 pets; a cockatiel, Marie, and a "mini mountain-lion" size tabby, Vinnie. Her neighbor, Vito Spaghetti has a spare key to her place, and is more of a roommate since he's at her home more than she is. But that's mostly because of his Swiffer addiction. That, and Vito Spaghetti's not his name at all...

Her Aunt Muriel's church buddies, the St. Bart's Episcopal crowd, add a nutty backdrop to an already simmering plot.

A good read, "Christmas Bizarre" will keep you smiling when you're not LOL-ing. Warning: if you're more into Proust than silly humor, go no further. However, if you've enjoy authors such as Janet Evanovich, Erma Bombeck or Marian Keys - this might just be your cup of tea.


Christmas Bizarre: Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery #2


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