Friday, December 12, 2014

Do you really need Insulin?

Insulin Therapy


As a medical student, I've always wanted to deepen my understanding of therapy issues facing Type II diabetics, so I was glad when a diabetic friend of mine recommended me this book. It turned out to be a useful, accessible guide for Type II diabetics regarding whether and when they should receive insulin therapy. ~ Excerpt of review by Sam Schultz

“Inject or Reject” – Book Description

How would you know whether this book is suitable for you?

1. You are a type 2 diabetic, currently not on insulin therapy, but such a therapy was either offered to you by medical staff or you are currently considering it.

2. You are a type 2 diabetic and are already treated with insulin, but still have doubts whether that kind of therapy is the one best suited to you.

What invaluable knowledge can you acquire from reading this particular book?

1. The truth behind fears and objections to insulin therapy: what are they and how to deal with them?

2. Is there really a laboratory test that can indicate whether or not you need insulin therapy?

3. The merits of insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes: what are the common arguments for such a move and what are their counter-arguments?

4. The wrong reasons for insulin therapy initiation: how to avoid a mess.

5. The point at which non-insulin therapy fails: how to determine it.

6. The technical problems with insulin: can they prevent such a therapy and how can you overcome them?

7. And more…

What is special about the author?

This book was written by Dr. Zilber, an endocrinologist with over twenty years of medical experience. He has treated numerous patients on both sides of the spectrum: those who avoided the necessary therapy – and as a consequence let diabetes gnaw at their vital organs – and those who were treated with an inappropriate therapy and suffered significant and even deadly side effects.

This book was written so that you won't repeat such mistakes and won't fall into the traps that other diabetics have fallen into…

See Author’s Bio on Amazon for a list of other health books in the series.


Insulin Therapy: Inject or Reject


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